Tarael's Sillyband Crap-o-Rama

PAGE UPDATE: As of October 27, 1999  this page was updated! :-)

Greetings! I'm  Tarael, and I'll be your host.

This page is home to my various works in Angband,
as well as the Sillyband Angband variant.

v0.1.0 is out, and I hope no one bothers compiling the thing,
because as soon as I get v0.2.0 out, Sillyband will be a whole
new ballgame. I estimate that I'll have it out for mid-November.
For now, you can look around at the miniscule amount of changes
I've implemented in v0.1.0 (which should've been numbered v0.0.1...):

 Sillyband Source Code

The original link in my last page update didn't work.. Sorry guys.

Future Changes: (these will probably be added to Sillyband v0.2.0)

* a completely new mage system. Click  here for a list of all the changes
    implemented so far in Sillyband v0.2.0.
* amulet of Carlammas will activate for Invulnerability.
* Automatic Crossbows (somewhat rare item like Scythes of Slicing or Blades of Chaos;
    +4 shots base pval.)
* scrolls of Augmentation (to go with the Rods of Augmentation I added in v0.1.0)
* a COMPLETE rewrite of ALL documentation files.
* All lice will be removed from the game, and replaced with Demonic Foods:

slows you, and it also drains your CON and poisons you.)
* the scroll code will be fixed up (I removed a few things trying to fix that stupid scroll bug on my
own, and thus need to put them back :-)
* Add Topi's code for reading in a random line from a file (get_rnd_line(), refer to the scrolls of rumor
code in Zangband's cmd6.c for an example of its use)
* add some new monster that breeds explosively and respawns like Zangband's Warriors of the
Dawn... need to think.. of a monster.. that can... do that... must... think. =) [[my brain hurts from
all this silliness =]]
* Add polymorph self code, and a new monster "polymorph" spell which polymorphs you
if you fail your saving throw.
* Add a new race: munchkin. Huge plusses to all stats and +0 % xp required to go up levels..
* Make it so you can *ID* items in shops like in Zangband.
* A new nifty startup screen

[- A short Sillyband History -]

  Well, after finally managing to get vanilla Angband 2.8.3 compiled on my Red Hat Linux box, I soon dreamed of writing my own Angband variant, like any Angband Source Hacker out there.. I had seen and played many games of Zangband, and I enjoyed the sense of humor I had endured while playing it. So, I decided to extend on that sense of humor by creating a new variant based on vanilla Angband which would have MUCH MORE silliness added to it.. as well as some
necessary un-silly things which many might want to see in the game.

  A couple days later, a few posts to the rec.games.roguelike.angband newsgroup spawned a
huge thread (20+ messages) containing MANY suggestions as to what I should do, add, etc.
Then, when I finally got some more time to go on my Linux computer, by the luck of the
RNG I was out sick from school that day! (yippee!) I spent the whole day adding several
dozen additions to the code, and the beginning of Sillyband v0.1.0 was born.

  A bug arose when beta-testing new scrolls I had added; and it was a nasty bug. My *FIRST*
bug. It shalt forever go down in Sillyband History! =) But a suggested fix from Julian Lighton,
maintainer of the Angband Variant FAQ, was applied and it was fixed. Many thanks
to Julian!

  After this, another couple of days were spent adding various small additions and a couple
of things; much shorter coding periods (school was interrupting my coding time to about
3 hours/day.. three.. short.. hours.) ... But eventually I finished.. Silllyband v0.1.0, a very
sloppy, probably buggy, Angband variant is on its way. (I promise, v0.2.0 will be a clean
rewrite of mostly everything I did, with a new race or two, many more changes to the
mage class and the magely spells [including a COMPLETELY NEW spell list for all
mage spells!], and much much more silliness!)

End of page... Phew. :-)